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Installing Apache Ant on OSX Mavericks for PhoneGap development

I haven’t developed any PhoneGap applications on one of my laptops since upgrading it to OSX Mavericks. Earlier this evening I stumbled across a problem when running the following command to run the app against the Android SDK: phonegap run android The error is received was: [phonegap] detecting Android SDK environment… [phonegap] using the local […]

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Using Private Bitbucket Repositories With PhoneGap Build

The PhoneGap Build service has been able to associate an application account with a private Github repository for some time now. As Github charges for private repositories, moving from a free account to a micro account, it’s not always easy (or financially viable) to keep your source code private through their system. This is where […]

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PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook

I’m incredibly excited and pleased to announce that my second book “PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook” was published yesterday and is now available to purchase in print and digital versions. PhoneGap Mobile Application Development Cookbook Author: Matt Gifford Publisher: Packt Publishing (October 2012) ISBN-10: 1849518580 ISBN-13: 9781849518581 Pages: 320 Use the PhoneGap API to create […]

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