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jQuery Plugin Registry – Your Thoughts

Last week I was asked my opinion by one of the feature writers at .net Magazine about the jQuery Plugin Registry. Some of my thoughts can be read in the resulting article, available here:¬† What are your thoughts on the jQuery Plugin Registry? A good move? Long overdue? Unnecessary? Post a comment to this entry […]

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Sexy-fi your login forms

Liven up your login form and error notifications with a shake effect, as seen in Wordpress 3. Here, Matt Gifford shows a simple implementation using jQuery and it’s UI library to re-create the effect.

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Web Designer jQuery UI Tutorial

With the recent release of jQuery UI’s updated version (1.8), the enhanced and extended widgets provided with the UI library offer developers and designers alike a superb framework and pre-defined interactive elements for use in wire-framing or production environments.

Issue 170 of Web Designer Magazine features my latest four-page tutorial on implementing the jQuery UI 1.8 framework and widgets into your web projects.

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Image Cropping with ColdFusion & jQuery

ColdFusion 8 was an amazing release. The addition of the many image-related functions and cfImage tags certainly enhanced an already fantastic server-side language. They are fun to use, fun to write, and incredibly simple. I wanted to have a quick play around with some front-end code to create a user-interface to dynamically crop an image […]

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