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monkehTweets update – now supports Twitter API v1.1

Last week I committed quite a substantial update to the monkehTweets library on Github (also available via For those who don’t know, Twitter have been working to update their API in the first big update since it’s launch, and v1.1 is the result of their work. How Long Do I Have Left? For all […]

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Generating HTML output through a ColdFusion Component

I’ve been wrestling with a legacy application that I’ve inherited over the last month or so, and the more I look into it the more things I find that make me cringe. The most frustrating of all is the fact that numerous CFCs are being used across the site to generate HTML output and content […]

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Pingdom API ColdFusion Wrapper

Come in and discover the Pingdom API ColdFusion wrapper, another open source release from Matt Gifford. With this little beauty you’ll be able to monitor sites, servers and more for free.

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