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monkehTweets update – now supports Twitter API v1.1

Last week I committed quite a substantial update to the monkehTweets library on Github (also available via For those who don’t know, Twitter have been working to update their API in the first big update since it’s launch, and v1.1 is the result of their work. How Long Do I Have Left? For all […]

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I’m a WordPress user, and have been for as many years as I’ve been developing (which is a lot, now that I think about, I feel old sometimes). However, I’m primarily a ColdFusion developer, and always want to share the CF love whenever possible. I developed a simple WordPress plugin that uses the […]

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Work With Remote API JSON Data in ColdFusion 10 Queries

Yesterday I blogged about the language enhancements in ColdFusion 10 and the ColdFusion 9.0.2 update that allow you populate a new query during initialization. This got me to thinking about how much easier this can make querying and filtering data from a remote API request. In Action In this simple example we’ll make a request […]

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monkehTweet release and Twitter update_with_media enhancements

This morning I pushed out the latest release of monkehTweet, the open-source ColdFusion wrapper to interact with the Twitter API. There are a number of revisions, enhancements and changes to the code and the service layer. Firstly, and very important for anyone using the older versions of the package – I went through the Twitter […]

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