(I want my) MTV CFC Wrapper

Given a classy name to evoke memories of Dire Straits and ‘the good ol’ days’, this is a ColdFusion CFC wrapper to allow
ColdFusion developers to interact with the MTV Network API service.

The CFC is available for download now, and includes a breakdown of methods and functions included within.

It’s going to be a work in progress, so please feel free to add comments, bugs, issues, and general good tidings on the blog post.

Methods Included:

  • searchVideo: search for a band/artist. Compiles a detailed structure and arrays with artist, video, and related information
  • getVideoByID: returns detailed data for a specific video
  • getRelatedArtists: returns detailed struct with information on all artists related to current selection
  • getArtistAlias: returns detailed struct of alias information for the selected artist
  • allVideosByArtist: returns detailed struct of all videos for the selected artist/band
  • artistBrowse: used to draw complete list of all artists/bands within the API. ‘-‘ for artists starting with a number, ‘a-z’ for all other artists
  • searchArtist: similar to searchVideo function, only for specific artist information

Download the complete CFC

The CFC has been released, and is available to download from the RIA Forge project page: http://iwantmymtv.riaforge.org/

Creative Commons License
This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.