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Detecting Network Connectivity in Flex AIR applications

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Detecting network connectivity is a crucial part of AIR application development.

If you’re releasing or developing AIR applications that require an internet connection, you want to ensure that you have the connectivity before you start running your ‘online code’ to trap any possible errors that may occur from lack of connection or downtime.

In this brief video tutorial, I outline the basics required to set up network connectivity monitoring functionality inside of your AIR application.

To view the video, click on the video link above, or watch it directly on YouTube.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009" 

			// network monitoring functions
			/* **************************** */

			// import the URLMonitor class
			import air.net.URLMonitor;

			Set up the URL string variable for the URLRequest to check.
			In this example, let's use google.com as we can be sure 99.99%
			of the time that it will be up and running.
			private var strURLMonitor	: String = 'http://www.google.com';
			private var	monitor			: URLMonitor;
			private var isOnline		: Boolean = false;

			This function checks the online status by attempting 
			to resolve a connection to a remote address
			private function monitorConnection():void {
				monitor = new URLMonitor(
								new URLRequest(strURLMonitor)

			Declare the status from the monitorConnection function
			and set the value to the variable isOnline
			private function announceStatus(e:StatusEvent):void {
				trace("Status change. Current status: " + monitor.available);
				if(monitor.available) {
					isOnline = true;
					Inside here, you can run any functions or script
					that require network connection, as it exists.
				} else {
					isOnline = false;

			The network connection has changed.
			Run the monitorConnection function to check status
			private function onNetworkChange(event:Event):void {
				trace('network change');

			private function init():void {
					Keep an eye on network connectivity... 
					Any losses, and run the onNetworkChange method
						Event.NETWORK_CHANGE, onNetworkChange);

				// run monitorConnection


	<s:Label x="10" 
			 text="Online? {isOnline}" 
			 fontSize="72" />



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  1. Hi Veyron

    To add a simple rudimentary alert box, you would need to add the following code to import that alert features:

    import mx.controls.Alert;

    and the revise the announceStatus() method to add the following within the offline exception:

    } else {
    isOnline = false;
    /* new code added here for Alert box */
    ‘The application has been unable to detect any ‘ +
    ‘network connectivity and appears to be offline.’,
    ‘Offline Notification’

    Does that help?

    1. Glad that first comment helped.

      The code didnt render within your second comment though. You can send it again and try to escape the tag characters, or email me directly from the contact form.

  2. But this piece off code is creating sessions and not clearing off doze
    and so creatin probz…. how will i handle diz scenario…..

    thankz in advance

    waitin for some quick repli :)

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