monkehTime Friday competition #1

It’s Friiii-daaaaaay!

The weekend starts here, and I wanted to have some fun today.

I have an official CFDude t-shirt up for grabs for the ‘winner’ of this quick end-of-week contest.

All I want you to do is ‘entertain me’. Let me see how you’re spending your Friday.

Stuck at work? Weather bad? Working on a PHP project? (haha)

Take a photo of what you do to help liven your day up or how you enjoy your Friday afternoons, and post the link on the comments below. My favourite post will win the CFDude t-shirt.

The winner will be picked at 17.30 BST

* Sadly I only have the CFDude t-shirt in large. If it’s too big, feel free to either eat more cake until it fits, or use it as a tent.

** All entries must be ‘relatively’ work-safe.



A massive thank you to everyone for joining in and having some fun this afternoon. I was certainly kept entertained.

I had a tough choice to make. All of the entries were worthy winners. Ray’s Ming Jobs, the Flash Killer made me chuckle.

Shaun and his cheese-rolling disappointment put a smile on my face; the things you Google for, eh? :)

Rob with his fanball game of death. I’m sooo going to try that one asap.

I was totally torn for the outright winner though, so I have chosen two lucky entrants who will both receive a CFDude t-shirt:

Sally, for her fantastically-documented photo journalism of a Friday in the life of the CFDude. Seeing him hit on the cheerleader then snuggle into his sleeping bag alone had me in stitches.

James, for his emotional picture of the Ben Nadel header image; the love shown in that photo must have taken some balls to make public. ;)

Congratulations to the two of you. Send me your details and I’ll get the t-shirts posted out asap!


  • Vicky

    #monkehTime already got a tshirt, but thought i’d play anyway ;) @coldfumonkeh

  • Raymond Camden
    • Matt

      @Ray Nice! He is a complete Ming.

  • Bob Silverberg

    I don’t have much to entertain you with, but I thought it was a funny coincidence that I’m wearing _my_ CFDude t-shirt today.

    • Matt

      Bob, that is cool.. love the mosaic effect as well.. unless you actually look like that, in which case I apologise for the skin condition. Dermatological cream on it’s way to you :)

  • Shaun McCran

    Well I was going cheese rolling this afternoon, then this happened!

    So I’m at a loose end.

  • Vicky

    LOL… if votes count, Shaun FTW.

  • Sally Jenkinson

    CFDude’s afternoon is more interesting than mine:

    (So I cheated a bit by doing multiple pictures, but Mr CFDude made me. Apologies for the awful container page, I wanted to do something cooler (i.e. anything but a list of images) but work is getting in the way sadly)

  • James Allen

    Only two things to do on a hot friday afternoon…

    A fruity @SirRawlins beer and Miami Vice role play of course..

  • James Allen

    Here’s another entry..

    Been doing this all week…

  • Big Mad Kev

    Here is my entry, I live my life by the first part and the second part is so TRUE ;)

  • Vicky

    @James…. snapshot of you and Ben rocks. :P

  • Rob Dudley

    We’re killing time (and possibly people) playin’ FanBall – take your Friday afternoon pint to the extreme!

  • Matt

    I should be more awake than this! :)

  • James Allen


    Awesome – thanks Matt.. Really wanted one of those cool tees.

    Though Sally’s entry was awesome – certainly a lot better than mine. Just glad you had two.

    Look forward to the next competition.