GallerificPlus jQuery Plugin

I am very proud and excited to introduce my first jQuery plugin: GallerificPlus

GallerificPlus is a dynamic photo gallery with built in Lightbox functionality, and originates from the fantastic Gallerific and the jQuery Lightbox plugins.  I welcome any feedback or comments on how to improve this plugin, and a massive thank you to Trent Foley and Leandro Vieira Pinho for their original plugins.

21/09/2009 Update: Released v 0.4

  • Added support for jquery 1.3.2 and autoPlay feature

31/03/2009 Update: Released v 0.3

  • Added keyboard navigation option to main gallery

10/13/2008 Update: Released v 0.2

  • Added keyboard functions for image scrolling within lightbox overlay

10/09/2008 v 0.1

  • Initial working development release, combining the two plugins

GallerificPlus UI

GallerificPlus with Lightbox

  • Mamo

    hi Matt,
    can you explain me how to fixed the galleriffic into wordpress?

    because i really love this plugin..


    • Matt


      thank you very much. GallerificPlus is something I’m very proud of.

      I started transferring the gallery into a WordPress plugin, but was unable to complete it in this instance due to time restraints.

      An updated version of GallerificPlus will be released soon, and so I’ll probably start looking into developing a WP version again after that release.

  • Robbie

    Hey — This is terrific! This is exactly what I was looking for.

    I have a question — Is there a way to control the size of the lightbox in the screen? That is, I’d like for the lightboxed image to scale down to a percentage of the screen size. Does that make sense?

    I found this, which seems to discuss adding max height/width to lightbox, but I don’t understand how to use this info in conjunction with GallerificPlus.

    Ideally, I’d like the image to scale to a maximum of 90% of the user’s window — so there would not be the scrolling to see the image. Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you so much!

  • Braunson

    Awesome script, was inquiring how to manually initialize lightbox for i.e.

    You know how you have a download link, what about an ‘enlarge this photo’ link, which would do the same function as clicking on the photo (to initialize lightbox).

    I’ve been working at it but no luck :( I’ve got everything defined but it wont initiate.

    Thanks again :)

  • Rick

    Kostas and Lorand, Did you find a fix for the disappearing text/description box?

  • Braunson

    Awesome script, am using it but for some reason, sometimes the slideshot and lightbox freezes (wont initiates lightbox or change slides) and stops working and you have to refresh a few times before it continues back to working status.

    By freezes I mean no effects or slides change, light box is not initiated. Any ideas? I tried adding a no cache to the page, but still nothing.

    Kindest Regards,

  • spidernet1979


    Is there an easy way to change the lightbox variables e.g. overlayBgColor, imageBtnPrev,… on the fly.
    I want to create a website with an gallery. This website is published in 3 different countries with 3 different languages.

    I tried to specify the variable variable equal with the others, but they are ignored. in the code I just noticed that my desired variable as defaults and not as the actual (eg autoplay) are used as this.settings.


  • http://noneyet don

    This plugin combo is much requested by many and I too am looking into posting a slideshow with facebox (not lightbox) but I am hoping the difference will not be significant from lightbox to facebox. When do you think the new version of gallerificPlus will be finished?

    Sorry to sound like I am impatient, just a testament to how much anticipated this release is.

    • Matt

      Hi Don

      thanks for the comment, and apologies for the delay in responding.
      I m still working on the release of the updated Gallerific plugin, and have been delayed due to project deadlines and conferences.

      I’m really hoping to get it released within the nest few weeks, and you’ll be the first to know. :)

  • Unajo

    Dear Matt
    Congratulations for your work, its great.
    One question, Is possible to use gallerificPlus with 2 or more galleries in the same file?
    because I`m trying to do this, and no succes, it seems that there be a global data that avoid me refresh the others galleries, and only refresh the first one clicked.
    Any help will be very appreciated.

  • Reinhard

    Hi Everyone,

    this is really cool script, I’m struggling to get it to worked in Chrome, it works 100% in IE etc only chrome problem

    any help would be appreciated.

    thank you.

  • Buffalo

    Is there is a fix for the #(hash) issue when base href is set as base href is vital for our sites so cant do without it.

  • Kyle Hamilton

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for creating this – it’s way cool.

    I am working on a gallery that I customized in a later version of Galleriffic. I am trying to incorporate your lightbox code into this. I almost have it working, but I’m getting this error:

    “Result of expression ‘[current]‘ [undefined] is not an object”.

    And my image is not loading into the lightbox.

    my page is here:

    Any help with this is much much much appreciated. And of course copious credit will be given in the final version.


  • Kyle Hamilton

    I’m having trouble on the Mac. The details box is disappearing. It comes up again when you refresh the page.

    Any ideas?

  • Matt

    Hi Kyle

    The details box disappearance seems to be a bug with the current release. The next release will resolve this issue, and I aim to have that out within the next week or so.

  • Forest


    I’m having same issues. In Chrome, navigation between images works for a few clicks and then stops (Seems to get broken by something). From then on, it won’t change photos. Seems to work fine in Fire Fox.

    Details box also fades out real fast. But, strangely, that bug just stated to happen, but didn’t start until 1 day after implementing GPlus.

    I’d love to see a fix! :)

  • Forest

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to write again, but I’m curious if a fix is in the works? I’m not sure if I should wait for an update or simply implement another slideshow.

    I think fixing this problem is over my head.

    Thanks much,


  • Markus

    Hi Matt,

    here’s a quickfix for the lightbox-configuration problem:

    // Now initialize the gallery
    – this.settings = $.extend({}, defaults, settings);
    + this.settings = $.extend(defaults, settings);

  • Marco

    Is it possible to add some Youtube video among the pictures. If so, do you have an example somewhere?

  • Ciprian

    Hi, great plugin. One simple question. What do I need to modify so instead of small thumbs to display for example the title of the image like in the Minimal implementation of the original Galleriffic?

    • Matt

      Hi Ciprian – I’m updating GallerificPlus and (finally) releasing the long-overdue update soon. This will include functionality from the updated Galleriffic libraries written by Trent

  • Rob

    Hi Matt

    With the original Gallerific it was possible to put multiple instances on a single page, is that possible with GallerifficPlus ? As I cant seem to get it to work properly with more than one on a page.

  • Jan

    Hello Matt

    Is it possible to control the opacity of the thumbnails like in the native Galleriffic?
    I would really appreciate it if you could add this functionality or tell me how to integrate it to your awsone script!
    Do you approximately know when the next release of GallerifficPlus is ready for launch?



  • Forest

    Hey Matt,

    Will the new release fix the Chrome bug where the pagination and slide changing breaks? That would be awesome!

    Thanks! :)

  • Jackson

    i was curious if anyone had any tips for making the lightbox element open immediately from the thumbnail navigation images. (i don’t have a need for the slideshow portion of the default implementation.)

  • Martin

    I have fixed the disapearing details. What I did was replace a few lines of matt´s code with the original galleriffic code.

    Excuse my English if there are some mistakes, Im from Argentina.

    Heres what I´chaged:
    At the bottom of yout HTML, locate the code of the gallery, then where you have all the parameter to set (numThumbs, autoPlay, etc) add this parameter:

    onSlideChange: function(prevIndex, nextIndex) {
    // ‘this’ refers to the gallery, which is an extension of $(‘#thumbs’)
    .eq(prevIndex).fadeTo(‘fast’, onMouseOutOpacity).end()
    .eq(nextIndex).fadeTo(‘fast’, 1.0);
    onPageTransitionOut: function(callback) {
    this.fadeTo(‘fast’, 0.0, callback);
    onPageTransitionIn: function() {
    this.fadeTo(‘fast’, 1.0);

    And then remove this code:

    gallery.onFadeOut = function() {

    gallery.onFadeIn = function() {

    I dont know if it is a clean fix, but it worked for me. Hope it helps you too. Cheers!

  • SkylerWolf

    Is it possible to have each image link to a unique lightbox? So in a sense each image is just an album cover and when clicked links to a unique album in the lightbox pop-up window that can be navigated through prev and next? It says it supports multiple albums but it isn’t clear to me how to do so.