Caption Competition

It’s Friday (always awesome), and what better way to celebrate than with a competition.

This week’s request is nice and easy; in lieu of the fact that Scotch on the Rocks 2011 is rapidly approaching us (although we have to shift through Christmas first.. *sigh*), check out the picture below from SOTR 2010:

Scotch on the Rocks caption competition


Simply post a caption to go with the photo in the comment box below, and the lucky winner selected at random tonight will receive an awesome, much-coveted CF Dude t-shirt.

Try to keep profanities to a minimum; I know what you lot are like… pure filth.

Aaaaannnndd… GO!

** picture courtesy of raeberli and taken from the SOTR2010 uploads on Flickr.



A massive thank you to everyone for joining in and having some fun this afternoon.

The winner of this week’s competition selected by random is Darren Walker. Congratulations to you, Sir. Send me your details and I’ll get your t-shirt posted out asap!

Once again, thank you to everyone for your entries, and stay tuned / subscribed for future competitions.


  • Tom Chiverton

    “A horse ! A horse ! My kingdom for a horse !”

  • Priska Huber

    “What did you do with my cute little Pony?!”

  • Gary Stanton

    Andy gets ready to submit his suggestion for a new tag.

  • Gary Stanton

    Andy gets ready to submit his suggestion for a new cfbrokeback tag.

  • Matt

    I could have used the rubber glove pictures with myself and Andy, but I hesitate to think what captions that would have generated. :)

  • Dave Ferguson

    “Real men wear pink… hats”.

  • James Allen

    “Would you like to join me in the men’s sir?”

  • Andy Jarrett

    After playing Guitar Hero for 28.6 hours straight after successfully remember name badges my hands are now locked in this position

  • Nic

    Thank God they cut out the bottom half. Lord knows the pony could never show his face in polite circles again.

  • Matt Tholey

    “Who wants a moustache ride?”

  • Russ Johnson

    Disguised as a PHP developer, no one should notice me at the bar…

  • Darren Walker

    I spent over an hour with my head up that hairy arse and all I came back with was this stupid hat.

  • Matt Tholey

    Soooo you are saying there is a chance that you will touch my P-Node?….

  • Marc Thöni

    It’s not what it looks like!

  • James Allen

    “When the hen comes back from the ladies, we’re all off to Zanzibar for some cosmo’s!”

  • Priska Huber

    Yeah, i’ve killed Hello Kitty! So what?!

  • Darren Walker

    You’ve pulled!!! I’ll get me coat.

  • James Allen

    “This is what listening to too much Blackened Deathcore Metal does to you….”

  • Damon Gentry

    I may be new to ColdFusion, but my PHP skills are FABULOUS!

  • Matt

    The winner has been announced. See above in the post for details.
    Thanks to all for entering! :)