A recent catch up on previous work

It’s been a while since the last post, and time, energy and money have all been in incredibly short supply.

I was able to at least start taking things apart on the B about three weeks ago. Partly to start the restoration, but also to feel like I was doing something on the car.

First things first, I removed the air cleaners and carburettors. Surprisingly easy to remove, although a few fiddly issues removing the throttle and choke cable from the carbs. Once that was resolved, the grubby little things came away easily.

carbs and air filters

In an attempt to make things a little easier, I labelled the cables I had removed from the carbs with permanent marker. I’m glad I did. In the three weeks since I have taken them off, I haven’t been back to the car yet, and I’m already starting to forget what goes where and what order I took them off in. Might also be old age as well, but nothing a Werther’s Original can’t cure, I’m sure. ;)

engine bay, labelled

The engine bay, although in a reasonable state, has a lot of “rust dust” from the bonnet, and slightly worryingly some random rusted washers loose within the trenches and bonnet spacers, although I’m sure they are not critical, and simply leftover from previous work.

engine bay, labelled

A closer shot of the heat shield, and a little more room left to work in after the removal of the carbs.

I also wanted to remove the heater console to refurbish the fan and clean up the console box, but no joy. Three of three screws attaching the console to the bulkhead were so worn I couldn’t remove them, so I’ll have to use a grabbit tool to drill those out completely to remove the box. Not critical, but would have been a ‘nice to have’.

Time was limited on this day, so I stopped working/removing parts/destroying the engine, and had a look at the interior. Again, some of the retainer screws around the gear stick/centre console were so worn, they too will have to be drilled for removal. I decided to start a minor spring clean of the interior. Fret not, the kit kat wrapper is still in the glovebox. :) The door trim panels were removed for a minor scrub and clean, which meant I was also able to have a look at the state of the doors. Not too bad, although as this photo shows, there is some rust at the base, which will be scrubbed, cleaned and treated.

door without trim

Sadly, that’s about it for the moment. Not much else has happened. Finances and time are the major players in keeping me apart from working on the car at the moment. The clutch is the first and only thing to really get working first. Although I have a gut feeling that the release bearing definitely needs to be replaced, I have been told that the slave cylinder is leaking, and may be a major cause of the problematic clutch. I don’t want to remove the engine yet, if I don’t have to, so the next plan is to change the clutch slave cylinder first. It will only involve raising the car onto axle stands to remove the replace the part. If it resolves the problem, great! If not, then at least it’s one part done, and then I’ll have to start looking into crane hire for engine removal.

So, first things first.. buy some axle stands, the replacement clutch cylinder and some new gaskets for the carbs to go back on to the manifold. They were rotten and useless.

  • http://www.mgphoton.com Rick

    Looking good Matt – nice to see you getting back to work. If you clean up the carbs and don’t want to have to re-adjust them don’t alter any of the grub screws. Oh and removing the heater can be a pain, especially trying to remove the cables – I had numerous cuts and bruises when trying to do that. The boor will be easy to sort out, sand it down and treat it before painting… oh and try an look inside the door panels to see what its like in there… maybe water has collected and its a little worse than it looks from the outside.